Wedding Games!

Hey all of my wedding bloggers and future Mr’s and Mrs’! As you may know weddings are known for the overwhelming joy of love and happiness. Where friends and family come together to help celebrate your big day! Moms and dads cry as they give away their little girl and little boy. After all the tears and tissues, comes the reception. And what comes before part B?……. PART – A!!! (get it?! Too cheesy?…yeeahhh…)  

But anyways,

Check this out! What better way to warm up the crowd and maybe have a little ice breaker with your creepy aunt or uncle who always kisses you on the lips… You don’t even have to make physical contact! BEAN BAG TOSS!

Widely known as a summer MUST, the bean bag toss has become an American pasttime. Okay, maybe not as “american known” as say, baseball, but it’s up there! Try this idea out at an outdoor wedding reception or even at a bachelor/bachelorette party enjoyed with some ice cold adult beverages? I’m in!! So throw me a bag, and let’s CELEBRATE!

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