Pinned ImageLaced In Weddings

Laced in Weddings
Along with weddings, photography is HUGE! From bacheloretter/bachelor parties and engagement pictures to the big ceremony and reception. The saying, “Take a picture… It will last longer,” – (even though is usually used when someone is awkwardly staring) – remains true to weddings today.
We love to see moments captured, the good and the ugly. Whether its a beautiful table setting or your weird single aunt who’s histerically crying, these are all beautiful. With technology today, there are so many photography options. Black and white, enhanced, fish eye lens and so many other options! This makes things more interesting to the eye.
Pinned ImageStyle Me Pretty
Pinned Image LOVE these huge flowers! The Bliss Life can make them too!!
Green Wedding Shoes
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If you can’t make out the writing on the blackboard it says, “I loved her first!” …HILARIOUS!
Sweetest Kids
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