My Morning…

Did everyone want to be a princess when they were younger or was it just me? Even some of the guys might have had this one wish… come on, admit it 😉


So this morning I was doing my usual ritual – sitting on my fuzzy white rug with my coffee, water and fruit/granola yogurt parfait watching VH1’s The Morning Buzz. As I was watching, they began to talk about WEDDING TRENDS!! Of course I glued my eyes to the TV to see what these “experts” had to say:

So here is the verdict!!

As most of us know it is WEDDING SEASON!! June is especially a big month and will be coming up soon!

The new hot trend this year is: Fairytale Inspired

We are seeing lots of vintage style, tiaras and other “royally” inspired ideas!

So practice that princess wave and check out  some of these pics to get that imagination goin’!,r:11,s:0,i:145&tx=88&ty=62

An inpiration with Reese!

show me your centerpiece! need inspiration :  wedding My Wedding Reception Centerpieces Decor

A Napa Fairytale: Ceremony, Part 1 of 2 :  wedding napa pro pics recap. pictures Brianne Brianne Napa Fairytale: Ceremony, Part 1 of 2 :  wedding napa pro pics recap. pictures Brianne06 Brianne06,r:26,s:0,i:124&tx=82&ty=42

Have you seen Disney’s inspired wedding gowns? Well know you can say you have :)!

Designer: Alfred Angelo

Found on:

CINDERELLA Disney Wedding Dresses accented with sparkling crystal beading

TIANA Disney Wedding Dresses a Fairy-tale Wedding by Alfred Angelo

ARIEL Disney Wedding Dresses by Alfred Angelo

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