Get Foxy With It- You Stone Fox You

Greetings from my cluttered dining room table, box of Reese’s Puffs in hand and soy latte to my right. I was on Pinterest of all things, looking at what the world wide web of wedding dreamers were inspired by today. And I came across the most UNREAL company.

It’s called Stone Fox Bride.

Currently its website is under construction but thank goodness for social media! According to its Facebook, it is “a low-key, high-fashion bridal showroom in downtown NYC.”  The company was started by a writer named Molly Guy, who has a nontraditional look on weddings. Definitely not the TLC Say Yes to the Dress type.  The Facebook page has advice from stylists. stories of couples they love and other tricks of the trade.  I am obsessed…literally. If you check out this article written about them in Page Six Magazine called “Hippie Ever After,” you will be too.  The article calls them “the anti-Vera Wang, a wedding shop for funky wives-to-be looking for less frill and more chill.” It also tells the story of how Molly Guy started the company and the way she envisions your big day. Here are a few pictures from Stone Fox’s Facebook to show you what I’m talking about.

Stone fox also has a blog. Well, a Tumblr…but the photos posted are inspiration at its best. It embodies the “less frill and more chill” theme that the article mentions. Be warned, edgy is an understatement here; it makes me want to buy a motorcycle, drive across the country and say screw responsibility. So who wouldn’t wanna check it out? Here are some of my favorite photos. Click Here, to see the full thing!

Here is the best part-If you read the article you would know…BUT Stone Fox Brides offers services such as a photographer (who takes nude pictures of brides to give to their husbands), a shiatsu instructor, a stylist, a tattoo artist and a sex therapist; all to help the bride in mind, body and soul throughout the whole wedding process.  Now if that isn’t service, I don’t know what is. Maybe we should think of doing that…

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