Flavors of the Week


Tell me…was getting out of bed this morning extra impossible? I know it was for me. I have a bad case of the Monday’s today. But no fear, I am here to save you from your case of the Monday’s with an awesome Flavors entry. Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy the inspiration, creativity and beauty that is about to grace you. Really though, I hope this helps you out and makes your Monday a little bit more bearable. Wedding Day PinStyle Me PrettySnippet & Ink

These next few photos are from Ruffled Blog. I have used a lot of its inspiration and photos before, but I definitely found a new love for it. I found myself constantly going back to its galleries and looking for more and more ideas. Check it out if you get a chance. The above photo was also found on Ruffled Blog, but is inspiration centered around 1930s wedding dresses. These dresses were created by Johanna Johnson. Parker Young

Next I have a lot of photos from Green Wedding Shoes, which I also weirdly have a new obsession with. I think a lot of the photos and inspiration weddings on its blog have the same feel/taste as I do. That is hard to cater to considering I change my mind about what I like every other day. So, cheers to you Green Wedding Shoes.Green Wedding ShoesGlamour and GraceFree People Blog100 Layer Cake

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